Welcome, weary one!

If you have found this site, it was no accident.  You were drawn here by…YOU!  Your Higher Self, the One that hovers above you, has been calling to you these past few weeks, months, maybe even years.  Perhaps you’ve heard Her/Him.    

Perhaps you’ve felt a tingling in your toes or your head, perhaps a tug in your gut.  Perhaps your hands and feet are burning; the headaches and muscle pain are worse.  Perhaps you feel sick to your stomach or like you have the flu.  Perhaps you have felt that ever present fear and panic, the fluttering in your chest, the clenching in your heart, the pain in your left arm, but when you go to the doctor, they say you’re in perfect health.

Perhaps you are having dreams or waking visions of your Divine or guides moving you into a higher realm or state of consciousness.  Perhaps you can feel your chakras vibrating and spinning faster and more open than ever before. 

The truth is you are Ascending!  Your Higher Self, or, rather, Higher Selves, are reaching out to you in the only way They know how.  They have waited for you, but you have not reached out to Them.  They have longed for you since the beginning of time, and They have wished every day of this linear existence that you would call to Them.  You have been asleep, dear friend, and now They nudge you awake. 

For some of you, it may take more than a nudging.  Perhaps now, in this moment in time, you feel like your world is in chaos, falling apart.  Perhaps you have experienced loss—loss of a loved one, a relationship, your job, your country, perhaps, even, your sanity.  Fear not!  Things are shifting in the most harmonious way possible to bring you into alignment with your own Self. 

Perhaps you have experienced these Ascension symptoms for years now.  Perhaps they get worse and worse, with no cure in sight.  I will tell you the cure, my friend.  Open your heart.  You have been defending it for too long against bombardment from the outside world.  It has made you hard and stifled your growth, making it ever more difficult to see true Light against the harshness of the light of your television, computer and cell phone screens.  

Light doesn’t come from a meme; Light comes from within.  I dare you to shine your Light, the Light of your true Self, free from the bondage of obligation and fitting in to your surroundings.  The Light of Truth, your own personal Truth.

When you are free from the Fear of being yourself, the way you are, Light and Dark and all shades in between, you can find your Self again.  The choice is yours to be a being of Light, to make the Higher Choices…or not.  Understand, that, ultimately, there is no judgment; all is an experience.  Your Higher Selves love you, just the way you are, and want very much for you to experience their Unconditional Love.  They will wrap their arms around you and give you the comfort you have been searching and longing for. 

Your Higher Selves have made it uncomfortable for you, like opening the curtains and pulling the sheets off a sleepy teenager to get them out of bed.  The next step is to grab you by the ankle and pull.  Time to wake up! 

If you need help, They’ll give you a strong pot of coffee or tea.  They’ll start frying the bacon and cooking the pancakes.  They don’t want to make this hard, but They can no longer tolerate your resistance.

They urge you to get out of bed, look in the mirror, and see your Self standing before you, the Sovereign being you are, just as you are.  When you can see your own Self, you will find your bearings again and realize you have been Home all along.